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CQIC is a private Certification, Inspection, Evaluation and Training Body founded in 2010 by a group of specialized professionals with multidisciplinary expertise, produces specialized services in different operational context, able to satisfy a plurality of diversified needs, whilst always ensuring high levels of quality and competence, respecting maximum seriousness and privacy operated. CQIC is organized according to International standards ISO/IEC Guide 65 and ISO/IEC 17020. The overall aim of CQIC’s activities is to contribute to the well-being of industry and society as a whole, by offering companies certifications that can help them successfully respond to new challenges, such as sustainability, security, etc. This makes a significant contribution to improving their quality and competitiveness, which positively influences the situation of the economy and, in turn, the wellbeing of all.


Respected leaders in conformity assessment, focusing on product conformity to contribute to the well-being of the industry and society as a whole.


Develop third party certification activity in order to contribute to maintenance and improvement of the quality and safety level in the Industrial Sector. CQIC runs the voluntary conformity` mark CQIC within the Industrial Sector.


• Confidentiality,
• Creditability,
• Impartiality 
• Transparency.

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Quality Policy:

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  • Voluntary Certification of Cement

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    Voluntary Certification of Cement
  • Global Acceptance of Certificates of Conformity

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    Global Acceptance of Certificates of Conformity
  • Focus on Conformity & Quality


    Focus on Conformity & Quality
  • Factory Production Control (FPC)

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    Factory Production Control (FPC)
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