Product Certification:

The aim of a product certification is to confirm that a product complies with specified requirements found in technical regulations, standards, or voluntary specifications.

CQIC certification is the leading product certification body in Jordan. Activities extend to a wide range of products, mainly in the constructions area. CQIC follows system 1a and system 5 for product certification services. The CQIC Mark is our own certification mark, and cabe seen on a number of products. To get a product CQIC-marked, it has to pass a type test. The manufacturer’s in-house inspection is also reviewed by our auditors. The requirements are set up in certification schemes, individual for each product type. The certification schemes are based on national or international standards, in order to fulfil national and legal requirements.

Benefits of Certification:
1. Manufacturers

   o Improvement and consistency in quality
   o Customer confidence and wider markets

2. Organized Purchasers

   o Confidence in integrity of a product
   o Reduction in costly testing and inspection

3. Common Consumer

   o Brand oriented selection, confidence in the purchase

4. National Level

   o Protection of consumer
   o Improved public purchases and optimum overall economy

5. International Level

   o Facilitation of international trade, mutual recognition and acceptance.
    Costly testing and inspection avoided

  • Voluntary Certification of Cement

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    Voluntary Certification of Cement
  • Global Acceptance of Certificates of Conformity

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    Global Acceptance of Certificates of Conformity
  • Focus on Conformity & Quality


    Focus on Conformity & Quality
  • Factory Production Control (FPC)

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    Factory Production Control (FPC)
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