Certification Process:

The certification process is comprised of the following steps:

1. Application:

The applicant shall complete and submit the application by fax (+96265662979) or email (info@cqic-cert.com) along with the required documentation mentioned in the application.

2. Document Review:

A formal evaluation of the documented system against the requirements of the standard will be undertaken. The findings of the document review are detailed in a written report and forwarded to the organisation for action. Once the auditor is satisfied that the documentation meets the requirements of the standard then the initial on site inspection will be booked.

3. Initial Inspection:

The site inspection is carried out to verify that the documented system is being followed and that the requirements of the standard are being met in practice. The site inspection will always include a visit to the head office or main office where the system is being run from, as well other sites where the system is being run, as appropriate. The time required on site(s) will depend upon the organisation size and the nature of the activities carried out.

4. Initial Type Testing:

Verification that the Client's products meet the requirements of the product standard set in the scheme by either: a) testing samples of products themselves; b) having the product independently tested at an approved laboratory; c) reviewing the Client's own test procedures and witnessing actual testing of samples in their laboratory; and d) a combination of the above.

5. Evaluation of Results:

Evaluation of the initial inspection results and the initial type testing results will be carried out to check compliance of the Client to the requirements set out in the certification scheme.

6. Decision on Certification:

Once the verification of corrective actions (resulted in step 5 above) finished, the decision n certification will be concluded along with the rules for the use of the certificate and mark of conformity.

7. Surveillance:

Following certification, regular visits are made to ensure that the system is being maintained to ensure compliance with requirements and that improvements continue to be sought. This involves reviewing key elements of the system, operational practices and testing of samples. The frequency of visits will vary dependent on the organisation size and the nature of the activities carried out.

  • Voluntary Certification of Cement

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    Voluntary Certification of Cement
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    Global Acceptance of Certificates of Conformity
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    Focus on Conformity & Quality
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    Factory Production Control (FPC)
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