Cement Certification:

Cement sales in Europe are regulated by the Construction Products Directive, which involves CE marking of this product. In Jordan, the EN 179-1 (JS 30) is enforced as a Technical Regulation. Cement requires numerous quality control checks to be performed during the course of construction. In order to contribute to maintain and improve the quality level in the building sector, CQIC has developed an important third party certification activity of construction materials. As accredited certification body we run the voluntary conformity mark CQIC for Cement. Cement manufacturers may apply for CQIC cement certification to comply with all the regulations, ensure the suitability of cement and exempt its clients from performing additional controls during work.


• Facilitation of international trade, mutual recognition and acceptance,

• Avoiding costly testing and inspection,

• Customer confidence and wider markets,

• Improved public purchases and optimum overall economy.

  • Voluntary Certification of Cement

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    Voluntary Certification of Cement
  • Global Acceptance of Certificates of Conformity

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    Global Acceptance of Certificates of Conformity
  • Focus on Conformity & Quality


    Focus on Conformity & Quality
  • Factory Production Control (FPC)

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    Factory Production Control (FPC)
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